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The Best Fonts for Wedding Venues

A good mix of modern and trendy, timeless and classy, and vintage and elegant to best suit your wedding venue!

When I first start a design, the biggest influence is the venue; it's where I get a majority of my inspiration. From the texture of the building, to the architecture, and the overall feel of the space contributes to my exclusive process when designing an invitation suite. To ensure that the invitation suite is complimentary to the overall event design, I'm all about cohesiveness, the fine details, and ensuring that each element is perfectly complimenting one another. Just know, much thought and consideration goes into each unique detail of your design.

I approach an invitation suite in three ways, design specifically; the design theme, the color theory, and the typeface. The selection of the typeface (font) is more important than you think, the ligatures, the weight of the lines, legibility plays a factor, the kerning and consistency and the balance between is the difference between a good and a great typeface.

With that being said, here are the fonts I would use if you were getting married at these venue types:

House of worship, banquet hall, European style, country club, or historic site

Urban spot, a loft or a modern space


Winery/vineyard, a villa, botanical garden, or art museum


A national state park, lodge, or desert - elopement style


A beach, destination wedding, resort, or on a yacht/sailboat

If you want more font inspiration and an exclusive look at my design process, follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, where I share more behind the scenes, tips, and the experience as a Alyssa Amez Design client. If you love what you see and are interested in both our design and print services, please connect with us here.

I will be writing a new blog post featuring the venues that I might've missed or based on your suggestions! So, comment below if you want to see which fonts I would choose for your specific venue type!!


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