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Semi-Custom Collection: Nora, Leona, and Capri Invitation Suites

Inspired by different love stories, the Nora, Leona, and Capri suite are intentionally designed, designer-made invitation suites with customizable options for you to shop from!

Our new collection of Semi-Custom designs are an extension of our specialty stationery design services that allows you to experience a taste of exclusivity, attention to detail, and craft of Alyssa Amez Design.

We are introducing this Semi-Custom Collection to bring a heightened level of accessible designer-made invitations to couples. We work intimately with our couples from inquiry to hand-assembly, as we would with all our custom clients, but at a more affordable investment and quicker timeline from your choice of design template below. While the integrity of the design we've created stays true, the wording, ink and paper color, printing method, and embellishments are uniquely customized to best suit you.​

If there are any additional questions, please email us directly at

The Nora Suite is warm-and-cozy inspired design, for passionate and destined loves worth celebrating, inspired by elegant embellishments and candlelit date nights.

The Leona Suite is an old-timey inspired design, for messy loves worth celebrating, inspired by refined touches and handwritten love notes left on the counter.

The Capri Suite is a modern design, for an effervescent and playful love worth celebrating, inspired by visually-interesting movement and spontaneous getaways with your person.


The upscale feel of our Semi-Custom designs are intended to bring an increased level of appeal with high-end touches and hands-on craft from our complimentary assembly process that will make a lasting impression to your guests of what's to come for your special day. At a more affordable investment and overall quicker timeline, our Semi-Custom designs are created, revised, reviewed, and produced to give you a taste of exclusivity, attention to detail, and craft of Alyssa Amez Design.


Choose your favorite! Start by choosing your favorite Semi-Custom design, then select the preferred quantity and printing method. With additional embellishments like envelope liners and wax seals, you can customize your suite to best suit you and your special day! Make it yours. After completing your purchase, you’ll need to complete our 'Semi-Customization Form' to gather the details we will use to customize your suite. Please complete promptly and provide as much detail as possible to achieve your ideal suite in two or less revisions. We'll take care of the design. As soon as we receive your form, the first proof will be provided to you in two weeks via email. If any revisions are necessary, you will receive the second round of proofs within a few days. Upon your final approval, we will send your design to production. And the production too! The length of production is determined by the printing method. As soon as we receive your printed stationery, we will hand-assemble and mail for you, unless otherwise noted. On average, the semi-custom process takes two to three months.


For 100 invitations, clients will save, on average, $1,000 by choosing one of our Semi-Custom designs. From now until November 28th at 11:59pm EST, ALL Semi-Custom designs are 10% off! Use code BLACKFRIDAY10 at checkout for even more savings.


To shop the collection, click here. To inquire about custom design services, start by submitting an inquiry!


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